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Although there are numerous textbooks on gemmology, mineralogy, minerals, origin, sources, locations, gem species (organic and inorganic), synthetic and treated gem materials, following are the author's personal favourites in understanding the core principles and which have served as 'more often used' references during routine gem identification at the laboratory and for various publications.

on General Gemmology
On General Gemmology 
Color Encyclopedia of Gemstone (1987)
Joel E. Arem
A quick as well as detailed description of all major and many lesser known gems in alphabetical order is on offer. A remarkable reference material

Dictionary of Gems and Gemology (2005)
Dr. Mohsen Manutchehr - Danai
Provides brief description of approximately 25,000 gemmological terms along with many figures and illustrations

Gem Testing - 10th Edition (1990)
B. W. Anderson - revised by E.A. Jobbins
 A typical textbook on identifying gems covering description on properties and identification techniques
Gemology Gemology
Cornelius S. Hurlbut and George S. Switzer
One of the earlier books on modern gemmology covering occurrence to identification to cutting and polishing

Gemmology (1991)

Gemmology - 2nd Edition (1999)

Gemmology - 3rd Edition (2007)
Peter G. Read
Classic gemmological text in simple yet illustrative manner
Gems - Their Sources, Description and Identification - 5th Edition (1994

Robert Webster; revised by P.G. Read

'The Bible' for a gemmologist!
Gems - 6th Edition (2006) Gems - 6th Edition (2006)
Edited by Michael O' Donoghue
Although one part on identification is completely removed, this edition adds details on gemstone species
Handbook of Gem Identification (1993)
R. T. Liddicoat Jr.
A simple colour-wise description of key identifying features of gemstones using limited equipment

Identification of Gemstones (2003)
Michael O’ Donoghue and Louise Joyner
A discussion on properties of gems along with their simulants, synthetics and interesting encounters

  Internal World of Gemstones (1979)
E. J. Gübelin and J.I. Koivula
A must have book on understanding of inclusions and their description

Photoatlas of Inclusions in Gemstones Volume 1 (1997)

Volume 2 (2005)

Volume 3 (2008)
E. J. Gübelin and J.I. Koivula
A photo library of inclusions - their characteristics, classification, formation, identification and much more......A serious gemmologist can't exist without all the three volumes!
Understanding Rough Gemstones
Shyamala Fernandes and Gagan Choudhary
One of the only book giving insight on identifying and assessing rough gemstones

 Gems Aur Rocks - in Hindi
 Gagan Choudhary
The only book in Hindi offering up-to-date gemmological information in simple and effective Hindi
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On Minerals, Mineralogy and Origin 
 A Textbook of Mineralogy - Fourth Edition (2005)
William E. Ford and Edward Salisbury Dana
A standard textbook explaining the concepts of mineralogy - crystallography, optics, properties of minerals and gems, and much more

Gemstones and Their origins (1990)
Peter C. Keller

A simple and illustrative explanation on the formation of various gemstone deposits 

Mineralogy (1985)
A. V. Milovsky and O.V. Kononov
A university book on mineralogy. Divided into three parts; first part describes general properties, second minerals and gemstones on the basis chemical groups, and third formation
Optical Mineralogy - The Nonopaque Minerals (1986)
W.M. Revell Phillips and Dana T. Griffen
A tabular description of properties of gems and minerals

Optical Mineralogy (1959)
Paul F. Kerr
A classic text on the concepts of optics, spectroscopic techniques and mineral structures

Reviews in Mineralogy; Volume 12 - Fluid Inclusions (1984)
Edwin Roedder
A highly rated text on explanation on the formation and characteristics of fluid inclusions in gemstones

Rutley’s Elements of Mineralogy (1991)
Rev by C. D. Gribble
Explains the key concepts of mineralogy and geology

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Mineral Kingdom (1978)

Hamlyn; consultant editor Dr. Alan Woolley  
A pictorial encyclopedia revealing the beauty of rough gems and minerals
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On Optics and Light
Crystals and Light - An introduction to Optical Crystallography (1977)
Elizabeth A. Wood
Explains the behaviour of light and its various phenomena as it enters into a crystal

Fluorescence - Gems and Minerals Under Ultra Violet Light (1994)
Manuel Robbins
A comprehensive catalogue of known fluorescent minerals giving their characteristics, including description of colour variations in a quick-reference format

The Physics and Chemistry of Color (1983)
Kurt Nassau
A comprehensive explanation on the causes of colour

The Spectroscope and Gemmology (1998)
Basil Anderson and James Payne; Edited by R. Keith Mitchell
A collection of visible-range spectra as seen by a gemmological spectroscope
 The Spectroscope and Typical Absorption Spectra (1993)

Richard T. Liddicoat
Provides a quick and handy reference table for gemmological spectroscope
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On Locations
Brazil - Paradise of Gemstones (1982)
Jules Roger Sauer
Beautifully illustrated guide, showcasing the beauty of gems from Brazil along with the important locations
Emeralds of Pakistan - Geology, Gemology & Genesis (1989)
Ali H. Kazmi and L.W. Snee
A detailed description of occurrence, origin and properties of emeralds of Pakistan
Fine Minerals of China (2006)
Guanghua Liu
A photo description of minerals and gemstones found in China along with the locations

Gems and Gem Deposits of Sri-Lanka (1995)
H.S. Gunaratne and C.B. Dissanayake
One of the very few monographs on Sri-Lankan gems. Covers geology of the island, followed by details on about 38 gem species
Gems and Gem Industry in India (2000) Gems and Gem Industry in India (2000)
R.V. Karanth
The only book written on the status of gem industry in modern India, covering gemmology in general

Gemstones of Afghanistan (1995)
Gary W. Bowersox and Bonita E. Chamberlin
The first book ever written on the geology, history and lore of gems and minerals in Afghanistan
Gemstones of East Africa (1992)
Peter C. Keller
The one and only description on the gems and geology of this mineral rich part of the world
 Madagascar - A Mineral and Gemstone Paradise (2001)

(extra Lapis English No. 1)

Edited by Federico Pezzotta
First monograph on Madagascan topological mineralogy in English
Mogok - Valley of Rubies & Sapphires (2000)
Ted Themelis
Description of amazingly illustrative history and status of gems and gem industry in the land of 'classical' rubies and sapphires

Pakistan - Minerals, Mountains & Majesty (2004)
(extraLapis English No. 6)
Various authors
An overview of the gemstone wealth in the high mountains of Pakistan. Many wonderful images

Russian Alexandrites (2010)
Karl Schmetzer
The only work on the subject
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On Species
Beryl (1986)
John Sinkankas and Peter G. Read
A condensed version of the epic work, 'Emerald and Other Beryls' by the first author

Beryl and Its Colour Varieties (2005)
(extraLapis English No.7)
Various authors
Description of varieties of beryl - aquamarine, heliodor, morganite, goshenite, emerald and red beryl with their worldwide occurrence and beautiful images
Emerald (1993)
Fred Ward

A buying guide - covering mines to the market of emeralds

Emerald and Other Beryls (1981)
John Sinkankas
An epic on the subject
Emeralds - A Passionate Guide (2009)
Ronald Ringsrud
An emerald celebration - one of the finest descriptive and illustrative information on emeralds - be it technical, practical or a romance!
Emeralds of the World (2002)
(extraLapis English No. 2)
Various authors
A tribute to legendry John Sinkankas, this issue covers the worldwide occurrence of emeralds with exceptional quality photographs

The Emerald (1998)
Association Francaise De Gemmologie
Edited by Didier Giard
A compilation of various facets of emerald trade in French with abstracts in English is provides an exceptional experience
Calcite - The Mineral With the Most Forms (2003)

(extraLapis English No. 4)

Various authors
Indulge in the beauty of numerous photographs of this common mineral  
Ruby & Sapphire (1997)
Richard W. Hughes
An epic on the subject - a must have for everyone - whether you are a gemmologist or a gem dealer
Rubies & Sapphires (revised edition) (1998)
Fred Ward
A buying guide - covering mines to the market of rubies and sapphires

Diamond Grading ABC - 11th edition (1993)
Verena Pagel Theisen
It's not only the ABC of diamond grading but is A to Z

Diamonds - 2nd edition (1978)
Eric Bruton
An epic on diamonds

Fancy Coloured Diamonds (1994)
Harvey Harris
The one of its kind book on coloured diamonds, describes the causes of colour of each diamond colour, their grading systems, synthesis and treatments
Photo Masters for Diamond Grading (1994)
Gary A. Roskin
An important reference manual for diamond grading

Rough Diamonds - A Practical Guide (1998)
Nizam Peter
A practical guide for identifying the many shapes of rough diamonds, covering cutting and polishing
The Diamond Formula: Diamond Synthesis - A Gemmological Perspective (2000)
Amanda S. Barnard
Provides technical aspects of diamond synthesis, along with their identification
The Diamond (1977)
George G. Blakey
Overviews mines to market of diamond, providing insight into the romance, exploration, identification, and much more
The MicroWorld of Diamonds (2000)
John I. Koivula
A visual image library covering the many micro features found in rough and cut diamonds. A very useful library complementing the three volumes of Photoatlas of Inclusions in Gemstones

Diamonds (1993)
Fred Ward
A buying guide - covering mines to the market of diamond

Fluorite - The Collector’s Choice (2006)
(extraLapis English series)
Various authors
The only known monograph on the subject; highly illustrative images

Garnet (1986)
John D. Rouse
The only monograph on the subject

Jade (1991)
Roger Keverne
A comprehensive and authoritative work on jade
The Jade Kingdom (1986)
Paul E. Desautels
An illustrative guide to the history, sources, lore, mineralogy, gemmology and art of jade

Jade (1996)
Fred Ward
A buying guide - covering mines to the market of jade

The World of Opals (1997)
Allan W. Eckert
A complete guide to the science, history, occurrence and properties of these remarkable gems

Opal - Identification and Value (1992)
Paul B. Downing
An important text on identification and valuation of opals
Opal - The Phenomenal Gemstone (2007)

(extraLapis English No. 10)

Various authors
A photo-description of opals
Opals (1997)
Fred Ward
A buying guide - covering mines to the market of opals

Quartz (1987)
Michael O’ Donoghue
The oldest monograph on the subject

Topaz (1992)
D. B. Hoover
A comprehensive monograph on the subject
The Tourmaline Group (1985)
R.V. Dietrich
A mineralogical overview of this important gem group

Tourmaline (2002)
(extraLapis English No. 3)
Various authors
Look for an illustrative description of this incredible gem
 Ruby & Sapphire - A Collector's Guide
 Richard W. Hughes 
 An intellectual and visual guide explaining what the collectors should be looking at, assisting in making buying decisions
 Ruby & Sapphire - A Gemologist's Guide
 Richard W. Hughes, with Wimon Manorotkul & E. Billie Hughes
 Highly expanded version of the original Ruby & Sapphire (1997), covering A-Z on the subject
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On Organic Gems
Amber - The Golden Gem of The Ages (1980) 
Patty C. Rice
Takes you on a tour to the history and lore to modern sources and commercial usage of this fossil resin

Amber (1987) Amber (1987)
Helen Fraquet
A wealth of information covering gemmological and technical aspects of amber

Gem and Ornamental Materials of Organic Origin (2004)
Maggie Campbell Pedersen
One of the best text on the formation, classification and identification of various organic gems

Pearls - Natural, Cultured and Imitation (1986)
Alexander E. Farn
Detailed description of types of pearls and separation between natural, cultured and imitation counterparts

Pearls - Their Origin, Treatment & Identification (1985)
Jean Taburiaux  
Nice description on the formation and identification of pearls

Pearls (1995)
Fred Ward
A buying guide - revealing recovery of pearls to their marketing and care
The Book of the Pearl - The History, Art, Science and Industry of the Queen of Gems (1993)
George Frederick Kunz and Charles Hugh Stevenson
The best book on pearls, presenting its history as well as many technical aspects with a trip to major pearl fisheries around the world
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On Synthetics and Treatments
Beryllium Treated Rubies & Sapphires (2003)
Ted Themelis
A practical reference guide based on the author's experiments illustrating the treatment procedures, gemmology, identification, stability and disclosure policies
Flux Enhanced Rubies & Sapphires (2004)
Ted Themelis
A practical reference guide illustrating the treatment procedures, detection features, stability and disclosure policies
Gemstone Enhancement - History, Science and State of Art - 2nd Edition (1994)
Kurt Nassau
The only comprehensive book describing various methods of gem enhancement

The Heat Treatment of Ruby & Sapphire (1992)
Ted Themelis
Detailed text describing recipe for cooking rubies and sapphires
The Heat Treatment of Ruby & Sapphire - 2nd Edition (2010)
Ted Themelis
2nd volume of the 1992 edition, with revised techniques and experiments

Gems Made by Man (1980)
Kurt Nassau
The finest and the most comprehensive book on synthesis
Synthetic, Imitation & Treated Gemstones (1997)
Michael O’ Donoghue
A typical gemmology book describing synthetic, imitation and treated gems
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On Lapidary
Gem Cutting - A Lapidary Manual (1984)
John Sinkankas
A step by step description of the techniques used in processing a rough stone into a magnificent gem
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Other titles of interest
Amethyst Uruguay (2008)
Reinhard Balzer
A monograph on the deposits and mining of amethyst from 'not so famous' location

The Emerald Book (2006)
Yogi Durlabhji, Shyamala Fernandes and Ruchi Durlabhji
The only of its kind book on this amazingly exciting world of emeralds, covering various aspects of the emerald trade from romance and rhapsody to evolution of Jaipur trade to various sources of emeralds
Great Diamonds of India (2002)
Monisha Bharadwaj
Authoritative and lavishly illustrative history of Indian diamond
Romance Of The Golconda Diamonds (1999)
Omar Khalidi
Reveals the history and lore of many famous diamonds originated from the great Golconda Diamond Fields, such as 'koh-i-noor'

Gemmologists' Compendium
Robert Webster
A quick reference book, providing glossary of gemmological terms in first part and many identification tables in second

Mani Mala - A Treatise on Gems - Volume 1 & 2 (1879)
(new foreword by Dr. N. R. Barot in 1996)
Sourindro Mohun Tagore

One of the oldest text on gemmology with Indian context
Minerals - An illustrated exploration of the dynamic world of minerals and their properties (1994)
George W. Robinson
Indulge in the beauty of crystals and their formation by various geological processes
Pearls - Ornament and Obsession (1992)
Kristin Joyce and Shellei Addison
A story teller on various realms of myth, history, science, commerce, design and the art of pearls from prehistory to 20th century
Red Coral - Jewel of the sea (1989)
Basilio Liverino
An interesting illustrative representation of the history, lore and uses of coral

Terra Spinel
Vlad Yavorskyy and Richard Hughes

The only monograph on this gem....not gemmology, but a celebration, as authors describe 

The Smale Collection Beauty in Natural Crystals (2006)
Steve Smale
The beauty of crystals at its best
The Amber Book (1995)
Ake Dahlstrom and Leif Brost
Describes the formation and geologic setting in the Baltic region and elsewhere along with its detection
The Color Treasury of Gemstones (1975)
Dr. Eduard Gübelin
A tour to the beauty of gems, their exploration, history, science and secrets

The Curious Lore of Precious Stones
George F. Kunz

Illustrates the usage of precious stones at different times among different cultures 

Visual Optics (1995)
Alan Hodgkinson
A classic by the expert on identifying gems by judging light visually and its behaviour as it passes through a gem

Emerald City: The Birth and Evoloution of an Indian Gemtstone Industry (2013)
Lawrence A. Babb 
An intriguing portrait of the gemstone cutting industry of Jaipur. 


The many buying guides by Renee Newman 

Various buying guides by Antoinette Matlins

The journals are equally important......

Access to the journals along with books is equally important, as this helps to go hand in hand with the developments and fast changing industry. Here are few of the important ones amongst the numerous being published around the world....

A gemmologist's perspective

Gems & Gemology from Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

Journal of Gemmology from Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A)

Gems & Jewellery from Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A)

The Australian Gemmologist from The Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA)

InColor from International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA)

The Mineralogical Record from Mineralogical Record, Inc

A trader's perspective

Jewelers' Keystone Circular (JCK) from Reed Exhibitions - Reed Elsevier Inc.

Jewellery News Asia from UBM Asia Ltd

The Guide from GemWorld International Inc.

National Jeweler from The Nielsen Company

Rapaport from Martin Rapaport

IDEX Magazine

Solitaire from The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council of India

Indian Jeweller

Gem World from Jewellers' Association Jaipur

Diamond World

Journal of Gem & Jewellery Industry